The trailer teases queer heartbreak and more swashbuckling adventures


When Our Flag Means Death first premiered back in March 2022, LGBTQIA viewers around the world fell in love with the swashbuckling pirates and the queer storylines and love stories. So when it was announced just a few months later that it would be renewed for a second season, we fans were on the edge of our seats waiting for more information about the next instalment. With a release date now confirmed and an official teaser trailer, it’s almost time to be reunited with these characters.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for season one of Our Flag Means Death.

The first season served up a queer spin on the real-life story of 18th-century co-captains turned rivals, Stede Bonnet aka “Gentleman Pirate” (Rhys Darby) and Edward “Blackbeard” Teach (Taika Waititi). Fans delighted in watching the MLM love story bloom between these two characters. And the finale cliffhanger saw Stede and Blackbeard’s relationship put to the test when their plans to run away together fall through. Blackbeard grows bitter and maroons Stede’s crew on a remote island. Stede simultaneously realises he has fallen for Blackbeard and heads out on a mission to reunite with his lover.

The season two teaser dropped on 30 August and it hinted at more queer heartbreak on the show. The video starts with Stede’s monologue to Blackbeard: “Dead Ed, I love everything about you, I love being near you, breathing the same air.” It’s clear that Blackbeard is still hurting from being jilted, with him saying: “Fuck you, Stede Bonnet.”

The romance between Stede and Blackbeard is not the only one fans are rooting for, nor is it the only one in danger. In the last chapter, we saw sparks flying between scribe Lucius (Nathan Foad) and Black Pete (Matthew Maher) before these two men were torn apart. We also saw fan-favourite non-binary pirate Jim (Vico Ortiz) and their shipmate Oluwande (Samson Kayo) explore their feelings for each other.

Here’s a teaser for the upcoming LGBTQIA storylines…

In an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair, Con O’Neill who plays Blackbeard’s loyal second-in-command Izzy Hands hinted that Izzy “goes on a remarkable journey”. “He understands what love is and whom he’s in love with,” O’Neill said. “Physically it’s been quite demanding, and also emotionally it’s been quite demanding to be playing a man enraged by unrequited love, who’s basically a hopeless romantic, and to be able to play all that and also remember that this is fundamentally a comedy.” Fans have long since suspected that Izzy has feelings for Blackbeard. And these comments have me wondering whether this next chapter will serve up a MLM love triangle.

Vico also promised more iconic moments are in store for Jim who “really evolves in season two”. “They’re a bit more chatty and bit more conversational … Most of the first season, you see Jim in disguise, hiding, but in this one you see them a bit more [thinking] ‘Oh, this is my chosen family, and I feel good.’ There’s a bit more zaniness and a bit more softness.” They also went onto praise the “beautiful” community LGBTQIA fans have nurtured through the show.

“It’s about creating spaces where we feel safe and seen,” Vico added. “And it’s so great to see that so many people watch the show and feel validated in their experiences, whatever that may be.

“A lot of people that watch the show are like, ‘Yeah, I’m a guy and it’s good to see all these dudes being vulnerable.’ We can just shake up [ideas about gender].”

We’ll be reunited with the following cast members…

We know from the trailer that Taika Waititi, Rhys Darby, Vico Ortiz, Con O’Neill, Samson Kayo, Joel Fry, Ewen Bremner and Leslie Jones will be reprising their roles. And it’s expected that Nathan Foad, Samba Schutte, Kristian Nairn will also remain in the main cast for this next chapter. It’s been confirmed that Guz Kahn will not be reprising his role as Ivan. And we’ll also be saying ahoy to some new faces: Minnie Driver, Ruibo Qian, Madeleine Sami and Anapela Polataivao.

Save the date

The first three episodes of season two will premiere on Max in the US on 5 October. An official air date in the UK is yet to be confirmed, although it is speculated to release before the end of the year.

Will there be a third season?

It is not yet known if there will be further instalments of the show. The season two renewal announcement came three months after the show first premiered, so we’re crossing our fingers that this trend keeps up and we’ll get another renewal announcement near the start of 2024. However, with the alarming rise of the #CancelYourGays trend, none of our shows are safe. But one thing is for sure, the fanbase is devoted, loyal and keen for more adventures across the seas with our favourite gay pirates.


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