Their new guidelines are a model of inclusivity amidst the current trans ban across sports


This summer has seen sport become the heart of debates surrounding trans rights, with sports such as rowing and athletics announcing their ban on trans athletes competing. The ban even extended to chess (we’re still not sure how that got passed). 

However, Gymnastics Australia have shown their commitment to inclusion within sports. Their new guidelines for the inclusion of transgender and gender-diverse people in community gymnastics begin with the powerful statement: “Discrimination of any sort has no place in our sport.”

The guidelines went on to say that “there is a place in our sport for everyone, exactly as you are.” 

Gymnastics Australia have announced that individuals can wear the uniform of their choosing “as it aligns with their gender identity” so long as it fits with Gymnastics Australia’s requirements. They also said that everyone has the right to use the facilities and changing room which “best reflects their gender identity”. 

Regarding community gymnastics competitions, individuals will be able to participate in competitions which reflect their gender identity. 

The new guidelines did acknowledge that international competitions may be conducted under different regulations. 

“This is a small step on our journey in building welcoming and inclusive gymnastics environments, and we look forward to working with our community to ensure we remain united through movement,” Alexandra Ash, Chief Executive Officer of Gymnastics Australia, said. 

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