“The time for us all to stand up is long past. We need your help.”


Nancy Kelley has announced on Twitter that she will be resigning from her position as CEO of the Stonewall charity at the end of July. She was appointed as the charity’s CEO in 2020, and has watched over a number of key developments in the past three years. 

In her statement that she posted she said: “I’m sad to share that I’ll be leaving Stonewall at the end of this month. Sad, but so SO proud of what we’ve achieved in the last three years.”

Nancy went on to list the many achievements of Stonewall over the last three years from their strategy Free to Be, to the implementation of inclusive RHSE, and their campaign to equalise access to #IVFForAll. 

“And we did all of this while subject to unprecedented attacks in the press, sometimes supported by government representatives,” she continued. “We did this despite a huge defunding campaign targeting our partners and funders. All because I started this job three years ago clear that supporting the struggle for trans liberation was the defining challenge facing LGBTQ+ organisations in the UK. That *now was the time for all of us to stand up for trans people’s right to live free and equal lives.”

“I leave this job as the anti-gender / anti-rights movement is running rampant around the globe, and the transphobic moral panic created here in the UK is being exported everywhere. The time for us all to stand up is long past. We need your help.”

“I can’t say its always been a pleasure, but it has surely been a privilege leading Stonewall. And whatever comes next for me, in every way I can, I will continue to stand with our community, and continue to fight for a world where we are ALL free #LWithTheT.” 

The statement was met by love and praise from those who have been helped or inspired by Nancy’s work. 

Stonewall UK’s Director of Programmes Liz Ward tweeted: “There are not enough words to explain how incredible @Nancy_M_K has been as a boss. Just the most empathetic, kind, inspiring, optimistic, wonderful person I’ve ever worked with. More than just a leader or mentor, but a friend. We’re all absolutely heartbroken.”

Iain Anderson, chair of Stonewall, also said: “The board and I are so grateful for @Nancy_M_K leadership over the last three years. She is a great campaigner and has played a vital role in focusing Stonewall on achieving impact for our community, whether policy changes that help lesbian and bi women start a family, or protecting LGBTQ+ people living in some of the most hostile environments in the world. Thank you Nancy and many wishes ahead.”

Nancy Kelley was awarded spot 24 on our Pride Power List this year.

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