The star is writing a comedy with her fiancée


On 13 June, Rachel Sennott’s interview with Kristen Stewart was published and there was so much good content from the actors. One thing that really caught everyone’s eye was Kristen casually revealing that she’s currently writing a comedy. As if that isn’t exciting enough by itself, she’s writing it alongside her fiancée Dylan Meyers — add that to the list of reasons why these two lovebirds are the ultimate couple goals.

Kristen was speaking about how exciting it is that Rachel was working with her best friend on the upcoming sapphic comedy, Bottoms, when she commented, “Me and Dylan are writing a movie. It’s a stoner girl comedy, and it’s really fucking stupid. I think you’ll like it.”

Kristen also added, “I’ve worked with so many people that I didn’t know and that I didn’t like for so long. It was definitely valuable, but also, fuck that.” That’s definitely very understandable, and when you and your partner are both creatives, it can be so beautiful to work alongside each other.

Unfortunately, she did not reveal any additional details about the “stoner girl comedy”, but of course we are already excited.


Rachel described the interview with Kristen as a conversation of “dreams” in a tweet yesterday…

Honestly, we wholeheartedly agree. The iconic Rachel Sennott being interviewed by one of our favourite celesbians? More content like that please.

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