We are so ready for this queer high school comedy


“Could the ugly, untalented gays please report to the principal’s office?” The two main characters of Bottoms look around their classroom then look at each other, before a cheerleader says, “Guess that’s you guys!” Already I know that I am going to LOVE this film, even though I’m only six seconds into the trailer. But before we dive into everything that there is to love about Bottoms already, have a look at the trailer yourselves…

The film follows two characters, PJ (played by Rachel Sennott), and Josie (played by Ayo Edebiri) who are trying to lose their virginity before they graduate. They end up starting a fight club at school to get the attention of their cheerleader crushes, and it’s not long before things get up close and… bloody. It’s hot, it’s funny, and it’s queer — described by Rolling Stone as “the horniest, bloodiest high school movie of the 21st century”. What more could we want?

These are my personal trailer highlights (aside from the iconic opening line):

  • The “crime against JEFF” being that a car made contact with him. The slow fall backwards is everything to me!
  • PJ loudly explaining her plan to get her and Josie’s crushes kissing them “on the mouths!”
  • “YAS QUEEN! SLAY!” The energy in this character’s scream of support was truly so perfect.

Also… can we get into this poster?

If you look really closely at that second line of credits, that is indeed Charli XCX’s name. She’ll be co-writing an original score for the film with the composer Leo Birenberg.

We absolutely cannot wait to watch this film all about “empowering women (the hot ones)”, and we’re sure you all feel the same.

Bottoms is coming to Cinemas from 25 August.

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