We’ve compiled all the gay drama into one handy list


As the credits rolled on the Reunion episode of Netflix’s hit sapphic show Ultimatum: Queer love, we were left with an endless list of questions. What really happened with Lexi and Rae? How are Sam and Aussie doing now? Where did Mal get their shirt from?

Luckily for you, we’ve done a deep dive on all of the contestants social media so you can keep up with all the gay drama since the show aired.

Aussie and Sam are still together

Despite the chaotic breakups we saw in the show, Sam and Aussie are still very much happily together. The pair even have a shared account called @KeepItSaussie designed to empower and uplift the queer community. In a recent video, Sam showed off her gorgeous engagement ring as well as the infamous labradorite rock that Aussie proposed with. They are too cute together! They pair told Tudum that the only other contestants who would expecting a wedding invite were Tiff and Vanessa.

Yoly is “actively single”

After revealing that she had split from Mal at the reunion, Yoly told Tudum that she has been focusing on herself post-show. ““I’ve been in relationships since I was 17, one after another,” she tells Tudum. “I haven’t spent that much time alone. I’ve always had a partner and I’m either spending the night at their house or she’s over at mine. But post show, I’ve been single as fuck — like actively single,” she said. “It sounds cliché, but I’m truly dating [myself],” she says. “My life is so full right now where I don’t want to have just anybody enter it unless you’re enhancing it.”

In an Instagram Reel she also told fans that she texts Rae every day, and that her and Mal are on good terms now despite ending things. “Me and Mal are also cool. There’s just so much history with me and Mal it’s just a little more complicated. But because of that history there’s a lot love and respect.”

We saw that smile when you said that you still check in with Xander Yoly…

Mal is keeping their love life private

Everyone’s favourite style icon from the show has chosen to keep their relationship status “mysterious” for now. Mal has said that while they are no longer on speaking terms with Yoly, they still believe that she is a great person. Despite the couple’s ups and downs during the show, it’s always nice to see exes who still love and respect each other so much.

We’re loving Mal’s watching friendship with Lexi since the show!

Lexi Has a New Girlfriend, Zanc

Speaking of Lexi, she has recently hard launched her new girlfriend Zanc with a TikTok video where they both looked amazing. Sporting a new hair colour, Lexi revealed that they started dating Zanc in April and have been madly in love ever since. We love seeing her looking this happy and we hope that the pair continue making couple TikToks.

Rae is single

The queen of TikToks post-Ultimatum has to be Rae. We are obsessed with her videos! Her hilariously relatable videos about being single in Orange County have been filling up our For You page. She told Stylecaster: “I just feel like I’m a better partner and a better person. I feel the most secure and confident I’ve ever felt. I don’t need someone else right now, which is the perfect place to be when you do eventually want to be with someone.”


Sometimes you just have to laugh about your life or is this too soon 😂 #theultimatum #ultimatumnetflix #realitytv #fyp

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Vanessa is having fun in LA

Despite having a slightly chaotic and messy relationship on screen with Xander (and #FingerGate), post-show Vanessa seems to have been doing some serious self reflection. She told her Instagram followers: “I haven’t posted about the show very much because it was one of the lowest points in my life and it’s been very difficult to re-live years later. That being said, I also have a lot of great memories from that time with some of the cast members and will absolutely share them with you guys. But I need some time to recoup.”

We’re proud of you Vanessa!

Xander is living their best life

After breaking up with their long-term girlfriend Vanessa, Xander seems to be living their best yoga-filled life. They revealed on a TikTok for Cameo when asked whether they were still in contact with Vanessa: “I will always love her no matter what. Unfortunately, I feel like we had so many things that I have happened in our time together and I think that we both know that we will always love each other and be there for each other. But do we need to talk to each other? Probably not.”


Tiff is thriving

After a shocking reveal about the abuse they experienced while dating Mildred at the reunion, we are very happy to hear that Tiff is much happier now. They told Tudum: “I had four months of complete peace and healing. I had no ill intent toward [Mildred] and then she berates me onstage and it ripped open a huge Band-Aid for me. All the trauma I went through with her, the arguments we had and me just feeling humiliated and gaslit came right back.”

They are now hosting the biggest queer parties in LA by the looks of it, and having the best time. Tiff, we love you, and we’re so happy that you’re healing.

Bring on Season Two ASAP!

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