The #MoreThanFour campaign shows how much this show means to so many


Back in August, Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham’s reimagining of Penny Marshall’s 1992 film A League Of Their Own (ALOTO) hit our TV screens, and it instantly burrowed itself into our queer hearts. It’s received praise from the community for its authentic and unapologetic representation of sapphic characters, its powerful portrayal of Black queer joy and more.

Ever since the end credits of the season one finale, I have been refreshing my timeline eagerly awaiting a renewal announcement. I was optimistic that we’d not only get a full-length second season, but that we’d hit my ideal series length of four seasons. The show had quickly garnered a huge and dedicated fandom, and with so many incredible characters we want to see more stories from, I was optimistic that we’d get to be reunited with The Peaches. However, with the alarming rise of the “Cancel Your Gays” trend, I did have some anxiety, especially when we hadn’t had a renewal announcement by the time 2023 rolled in.

So, myself and ALOTO fans around the world are in shock that it was recently announced that while the show has been renewed for a second season, it will only be four episodes long and it has been said to be the final season. But is there hope? Autostraddle has reported that the ALOTO team “is still pushing for more than that”. So we must not lose hope yet. Have your voice heard, join the campaign!

Here’s what ALOTO fans are saying


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One thought on “A League Of Their Own fans calling for more episodes”

  1. A League of Their Own means community, positive representation and comfort. It means joy. It means history is important and we’ve always existed. Telling queer people and poc that they should settle for crumbs is wrong. We all deserve #MoreThanFour.

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