Here’s everything we know about whether we’ll be reunited with our new queer faves


Back in August, Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham’s reimagining of Penny Marshall’s classic 1992 film, A League Of Their Own, came to our screens via Prime Video and instantly resonated with LGBTQIA viewers around the world. The show takes the film which was covertly queer and makes it overtly and unapologetically queer while also providing some much-needed Black queer visibility as well. Like the original, the show follows the lives of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, which was founded during World War II while men were away fighting. It’s an inspiring watch, wonderfully diverse and full of heart.

But ever since the credits rolled on the final episode, we fans have been on the edge of our seats, crossing our fingers and toes, while hoping for a renewal announcement. So will we get a second season? In short, nothing is confirmed. Yet. But things are looking pretty optimistic. Read on to find out everything we know.


Will there be a second season of A League Of Their Own?

As already stated, a renewal has not yet been confirmed. With so many LGBTQIA shows being cancelled, including Prime Video’s Paper Girls, it’s only natural to have some doubts. However, A League Of Their Own was hugely popular from the get go and Will commented during the premiere that: “We’ve already started writing and bringing the story for season two. Our hope is to shoot in like, mid-spring. And we’ll see how that works out with everything coming to this a lot.” With Abbi saying: “It’s been a life-changing experience and we already know what we want to do with season two, so we’re hoping to have as many season twos as possible.”

Another thing that gives me hope for a renewal is how active the official Instagram account (@leagueonprime) is. Followers will frequently see the account share fan art of the show and most recently this wonderful Halloween one. While this is not my area of expertise, I personally wouldn’t expect an account to keep drumming up hype for a show that wasn’t going to continue. I’ll only start panicking if they stop posting.

What could go down in a second season?

While only Abbi and Will can say for sure, we can make some assumptions due to how the story ended. Spoilers ahead. The first season ended with the Peaches losing the championships, but in a gracious way filled with sisterhood and solidarity. Carson Shaw (Abbi Jacobson) was planning on striking out a new chapter for herself by leaving her husband as well as her newfound love, Greta Gill (D’Arcy Carden). However, before she can act on this, said husband finds the two women sharing a passionate farewell kiss. There will almost certainly be repercussions of this. Will Carson be able to leave her husband? Will she be able to keep her identity a secret?

And of course, we have to talk about Max Chapman (Chantè Adams). She had quite the journey, trying to make it as a professional baseball player while facing more obstacles than her white counterparts. But by the end of the season, she’s living her best life. She’s now not only found her way onto a team, and is on the road pitching baseball with all her dreams coming true but she’s got a budding relationship with her new girlfriend and co-pitcher as well. I hope to see more of Max’s adventures and Black queer joy and love.

We also say Jo Deluca (Melanie Field) get traded off the Peaches team, but could the writers find a way to get her back on the team? Max’s BFF, Clance Morgan (Gbemisola Ikumelo) also ended the series pregnant with her husband drafted to war, hiding the news from Max. But could Max find out and return home to help Clance through it all?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a large cast so the possibilities are endless.

Who could we expect to return?

It’s highly likely we’d be reunited with Carson, Greta, Max, Jo and Clance, as well as the main members of the Peaches: Lupe García (Roberta Colindrez), Jess McCready (Kelly McCormack), Maybelle Fox (Molly Ephraim), Shirley Cohen (Kate Berlant), Esti González (Priscilla Delgado), Terri (Rae Gray) and Beverley (Dale Dickey). And of course, we can only pray for another Rosie O’Donnell cameo, though things didn’t look too great when we last saw her character. While Max is on the road, we will still hopefully see more from her family including fan favourite Uncle Bert (Lea Robinson).

Rest assured DIVAs, once/if there is a renewal announcement, we’ll be grabbing our Peaches uniforms and shouting it from the rooftops.



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  1. Love Love Love your show. I like the fact that the lives of women get to be explored from different pts of view and love the historical aspect.

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