Listen up, Netflix! This is the Queer Eye we deserve 


We all know Queer Eye is essential viewing at this point, but we couldn’t help fantasising about how the line-up would look if we were granted our wish of a female version of the fab five. 

Buckle up because we’ve got some serious suggestions that we hope Netflix take on board. 

If you’ve never seen the show before 1. you are missing out and 2. the show goes a little something like this… 

Each of the fab five take on a specific role in order to improve the subject of each episode’s life. The categories are as follows: culture, food, grooming, home decor and fashion, and we’ve got some very strong ideas of who would fit the bill in an ideal world. 

For every French tuck, trimmed facial hair and guacamole recipe – we know us queer ladies could provide content just as uplifting and outrageous.

Culture: Kate Tempest 

British poet/musician Kate Tempest is the ideal candidate to teach the Queer Eye subjects all about culture. 

She’s written plenty of music, plays, poems and could offer lots of insight into the arts and the process of self-reflection that everyone needs, not just writers. If anyone is qualified to encourage emotional growth and help gain an understanding of politics and art, it’s Kate.

We’re sure she could get anyone to open up about their life and cry a few tears just as well as Karamo does.

Can you believe this hasn’t already happened yet?


Food: Hannah Hart

Let’s face it, Antoni has made guacamole one too many times to qualify as the chef on Queer Eye and there’s not very many ways you can teach someone to cut an avocado. Hannah, on the other hand, has cooked everything from giant grilled cheese to peanut butter and jelly pasta.

She’s famous for her My Drunk Kitchen YouTube series where she cooks whilst intoxicated and her loveable, hilarious personality is a great mixture for this queer concoction.

Grooming: Ingrid Nilsen

YouTube beauty guru, Ingrid Nilsen, is the perfect fit for the grooming slot in our lez/bi queer eye. 

Her make-up routine videos and reviews of beauty products have proved to be her most popular during her time on YouTube and she has made a name for herself in the beauty industry. 

She still makes plenty of beauty content, but she also speaks up for the LGBTQI community on her YouTube channel, and we love her for it!


Home / DIY: Erika Linder (her character in Below Her Mouth specifically) 

Erika is no stranger to a hammer is she? In Below Her Mouth she plays Dallas, an emotionally unavailable roofer who seduces an engaged fashion editor. 

There’s plenty of scenes of Erika just doing her thing, casually fixing up a roof – so she’s obviously qualified to transform people’s lives by transforming their living room, too. 

We can absolutely imagine Erika smashing this role and giving Bobby a run for his money.

Fashion: Janelle Monae 

I mean… who else was it gonna be? 

Janelle is known for her uniform: a black and white suit (that made us all consider getting our own – she just makes it look so easy). Her style has inspired so many queer folk out there today. 

She’s bold and brave and would give some top notch fashion advice to anyone struggling to find their look. Bonus points if she gets someone to wear the vagina pants from the Pynk music video. 

As much as this is the dream line-up, if it does happen, where can we audition? 

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