The actor has opened up about the beautiful engagement story on The Drew Barrymore Show


Rebel Wilson has shared details of her romantic proposal to partner Ramona Agruma at Disneyland and her humorous collapse just minutes after.

The Pitch Perfect actor was overwhelmed with love – she re-enacted the proposal with Drew Barrymore on the The Drew Barrymore Show.

On the show, they both got down on their knees and Rebel said, “She said yes. And I was like, ‘Do I get down on one knee? What do I do?’ And I was like, ‘I may as well’. Then she was like, ‘What are you doing?’ And goes, ‘Well, you can’t be the only one on your knee’, so she got down as well.”

Drew Barrymore responded, “Because she’s a giver not a taker.”

The Bridesmaids actor continued to express how she got to propose in the “happiest place on earth” and how wonderfully dramatic the whole experience was for her.

Rebel said, “It was just beautiful and she said yes and I was like, ‘OK, great!’ Then I was so overwhelmed that afterwards we went on a ride, this new ride they had, and I kind of collapsed afterwards. Because I’d never been engaged before, or proposed to, or proposed. So it was such a huge thing in my life.”

She added: “I collapsed on the floor for five minutes. Then I go, ‘OK, I’m good. Let’s get churros and move on’!”

The Australian actor expressed her gratitude to Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney and the Disney Wedding company who ensured her “magical surprise” was a dream come true.

It was an occasion she never imagined for herself but ever since the couple announced their relationship in June 2022, the couple have been a WLW fave among many within our community.

Rebel faced some challenges when certain journalists tried to out her relationship before she was ready. But over time, she also shared some vulnerable aspects of her relationship.

She said, “Ramona’s family hasn’t been as accepting. And so, in many respects, it has been a lot harder on her to have to make the news public

“With her, she’s not in the public eye, it’s much harder on her. It’s so sad to see what happened with her family over it. Hopefully, people will change their attitude about things.”

But that doesn’t stop them from having the most adorable proposal story with their matching  pink and white striped jumpers.

On a bed of petals and confetti with a sparkling diamond engagement ring that makes us all feel so blissfully gay and proud.  

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