Our February cover star talks to us about labels, queer representation and the future


Emily Hampshire has been committed to acting since a young age, and she has had an illustrious career since she made her start in the industry. From the classic rom-com Boy Meets Girl to the TV show Schitt’s Creek, she has been gracing our screens for a long time now and recently appeared in Prime Video’s new psychological thriller, The Rig. When Schitt’s Creek came out in 2015, it was immediately embraced by the LGBTQIA community for its representation of queer joy, its dry humour, and eccentric characters. The show actually had a hand Emily coming to the realisation that she wasn’t straight. Here’s a teaser of our interview with her…


Emily on…

Breaking free of labels

“The future ideal for me is where we don’t have to identify as anything and we can just identify as Emily and that’s me.”

Starting acting when she was young

“I would highlight entire acting books – which ultimately makes them not highlighted. I went full-focus on that… so I moved to Toronto – Hollywood North – to become an actor.”

Queer body image

“Before I had relationships with women, I would judge myself through the male gaze of what was hot. When I started having relationships with women I was like, ‘Wait, what I find hot is not what I was told is hot’.”

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