Debut play by bestselling author and filmmaker Jade Winters


As queer people we spend a good portion of our life defending our identities and fighting to live our truths, and this can make it difficult to talk about the abuse that can and does occur in queer relationships. It is an issue that affects many in our community but it often seems to go unseen. However, openly spreading awareness of experiences of domestic abuse in the LGBTQIA community is essential in helping to create a safer world for everyone.

Jade Winters’ debut play The A Word brings much-needed light to this topic. Jade stated, “It’s an issue that is all too often overlooked in the LGBT+ community, and I want to give a voice to those who may not feel like they have one. My hope is that the audience will be moved by the story and inspired to join the fight against domestic abuse.”

As an author of over 30 books, Jade is accustomed to telling stories and staying true to a narrative – and although this play was not born out of personal experience, she has been dedicated to making sure that she tells this story tactfully by “researching and talking with people who have gone through similar experiences”.

The A Word follows the character Brooke, whose life changes forever after she meets Moira. They get into what appears to be a perfect relationship but it’s not long before her friends realise that something is wrong, and that she’s not the woman that she used to be. Audience members bear witness to the gradual way that manipulation and abuse appear in a relationship. It is a story which King’s Head Theatre declares “stays with you long after the curtain closes.”

King’s Head Theatre is known for supporting emerging artists and using the evocative work they stage to fight prejudice, so it is no surprise that they will be the first to put on this important play. The A Word will be showing on 3 and 5 March 2023, and all profits will go directly to SafeLives – a charity committed to ending domestic abuse.

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