The production will address domestic abuse in LGBTQIA relationships


Jade Winters is widely known as a bestselling lesbian fiction author, and she is now also a screenwriter, director, and playwright. DIVA spoke to Jade about her journey into film and theatre, and her upcoming play The A Word.

DIVA: What inspired you to become a playwright?

Jade: Last year, I wrote and directed a film for domestic abuse charity SafeLives about domestic abuse in LGBT+ relationships. When filming had finished, I felt there was still more to say on the subject and wanted a way to bring the issues raised to the community. As a novelist and screenwriter, I enjoy exploring characters and developing new storylines but felt that something was missing. As a playwright, I can take the show to a live audience where they are immersed in the experience. Writing for the stage has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me!

What is The A Word about?

It follows the relationship between Brooke and Moira, who at first seem the perfect match, but soon Brooke’s friends notice a radical change in her behaviour. A dramatic transformation from a confident woman to one who can barely function. The play ends with Brooke’s friends stepping in to help her, surrounding her with love and support as she slowly regains the strength she once had.

Why is it important for this story to be told?

Domestic abuse in the LGBT+ community is often overlooked and underreported, and victims find it difficult to reach out for support. My play aims to draw attention to the issue, encourage open dialogue and provide support for those who may be dealing with domestic abuse in their lives. I hope it will lead to an increased understanding of the problem and more effective ways of tackling it.

What challenges have you faced while writing this play?

One of the biggest challenges has been finding ways to authentically portray the experience of domestic abuse in the LGBT+ community. It’s hard to accurately portray a situation when you haven’t lived it or experienced it first-hand, so I’ve invested a lot of time in researching and talking with people who have gone through similar experiences.

Overall, it’s been an enriching experience but also one that has required a great deal of effort and dedication.

How different has producing a theatre production been to filmmaking?

There is definitely less room for error! As a film director we can do lots of takes if we aren’t happy with a shot. It makes it slightly more nerve-racking knowing you get one shot in theatre. Also, because of my lack of experience in theatre, I decided to work with co-director Tippy Elgar and in addition to Alex Hogben (producer for Wicked Winters Films), we also have a second producer Hazel Young. All bring a wealth of experience to the production. Together, they have helped me make my vision for this play come alive. With their help and guidance, I’m confident that we will create a great show that everyone can enjoy.

How do you hope the play will be received?

My main goal is to create awareness and understanding around domestic abuse in the LGBT+ community. I hope that by seeing the play, people will better understand and empathize with those who are dealing with abuse and that it will open up conversations around how to best support those affected. Most of all, I want my play to offer a sense of hope and courage to any individuals facing domestic abuse in their lives.

Where and when can we see The A Word?

The Kings Head Theatre 3 & 5 March 2023. Tickets can be purchased at

Brighton Fringe – 5 – 6 May 2023. We were lucky enough to be awarded a bursary by Bird & Blend Tea.

Our long-term goal is to take The A Word on a national tour of the UK.

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