Cate Blanchett takes on the role of the fictional renowned lesbian composer in Todd Field’s new drama


Clear your plans for this evening immediately because Tár is coming to screens in the UK today. After months of anticipation, we will finally be able to watch Cate Blanchett’s knockout performance in this new film directed by Todd Field. 

Todd Field’s masterpiece follows the life of fictional lesbian composer Lydia Tár (Cate Blanchett) who makes history as the very first female director of a major German orchestra. The film navigates the dark, twisted life of this composer as she is haunted by sounds, paranoia, and surveillance in the lead up to publishing her autobiography. Tár also explores the breakdown of her marriage with her wife Sharon (Nina Hoss) as she becomes consumed with an infatuation with a new orchestra cellist Olga (Sophie Kauer). This hauntingly good film takes audiences down routes that cannot be anticipated, watching and waiting for this ticking time bomb of a woman to explode. 

Having already been named the Best Film Of 2022 by The National Society Of Film Critics, Tár is set to be one of the best films to reach screens this year. Blanchett has been described as giving a colossal performance and with awards season round the corner we expect to see her giving plenty of acceptance speeches for this role. This powerful, nuanced film delves into much more than the enigmatic composer as its centre. It is a story about ego, deceit, desire and the cost of fame. 

Ever since the trailer for Tár dropped, fans have been obsessed not only with Cate Blanchett’s performance in the film, but also, her styling. Fan edits of the film are being pumped out continuously to celebrate Lydia’s collection of suits that Blanchett gets to wear throughout the film.

@lousvpr how handsome #lydiatar #lydiataredit #cateblanchett #cateblanchetttedit #fyp ♬ sonido original – tina

Alongside its leading actress, Tár has fascinated audiences with the premise of a toxic, warped affair that Lydia has with her student Olga. Having already wowed audiences with her onscreen portrayal of complex lesbian characters as seen in Todd Haynes’ 2015 film Carol, we know that Blanchett is going to master this tyrannical yet intoxicating role.

Tár is now showing in UK cinemas.

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