Fans are shocked that the film was not shortlisted for an Oscar nomination in the Best Makeup And Hairstyling category


If you imagine bejewelled faces, elaborate hairpieces, and a… bagel, then you’ve managed to picture one of the amazing looks that feature in the groundbreaking film Everything Everywhere All At Once. A24’s absurdly amazing multiverse film was heralded by critics among many things for its visuals. It was precisely for this reason that film-goers were slightly confused not to see it shortlisted for an Oscar nomination in the Best Makeup And Hairstyling category.

This 2022 epic adventure film centres around Evelyn Quan Wang (Michelle Yeoh) who gets sucked into a multiverse mission to stop an evil force named Jobu Tupaki from destroying the entire universe. While there’s a lot of action shots and hilarious gags, Everything Everywhere All At Once is ultimately a story about the relationship between a mother and daughter. One of the key divisions in the films stems from her daughter’s – Joy (Stephanie Hsu) – openly queer relationship with her girlfriend Becky (Tallie Medel). Unable to come to terms with this, Evelyn initially tries to hide their relationship from other family members, leaving Joy hurt. Following the tumultuous bond between Evelyn and her daughter, this film proved to be a knockout success with audiences and critics alike. 

As award season rapidly approaches, the film has already secured some of Hollywood’s most prestigious awards. Michelle Yeoh finally won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture, and Ke Huy Quan had the audience in tears with his emotional speech after winning the Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture. 

Despite these wins, there have also been a number of snubs directed at the film. Stephanie Hsu wasn’t nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category for the Golden Globes despite her magnetic performance throughout the film. And now no Oscar nomination for Best Makeup And Hairstyling. 

The outlandish looks in the film were created by the fantastic teamwork of LA-based artist Michelle Chung and the head of the hair department Anissa Salazar. The pair worked tirelessly to create a portfolio of looks that captured the rapidly moving world that Evelyn falls into. From a bagel made of braids to a traditional Chinese opera headdress, Michelle and Anissa constantly used innovative techniques to achieve truly unique looks throughout the film. Anissa even ended up creating more than 40 different hairstyles for Michelle Yeoh’s character alone! Combined with costume designer Shirley Kurata, the film was a display of some of the best styling cinema has seen.

Here are some of our favourite looks from the film. 

The bagel

This is probably one of the most iconic scenes in the entire film, complete with the most bizarrely captivating hairstyle. The styling in this film is outrageously fun, and this look wouldn’t be out of place at the MET Gala. Contrasted with the normal world that Evelyn lives in – with her laundromat and apartment – the extravagant styling of Jobu Tupaki seems even more crazy.

Those fingers

Imagine jumping through the multiverse only to find that there’s an alternative reality where you have hotdogs for fingers and you’re in a relationship with Jamie Lee Curtis. These fingers were so silly and yet were the perfect comic relief in the film – the entire cinema was laughing hysterically the minute they came into shot.

The “hodgepodge” look

This look sums up how exciting the hair and makeup was in this film. With Picasso-esque face paint and an “hodgepodge” of different fabrics, this iconic look was one that had audiences talking months after the film made its way to screens.

The Elvis moment

The iconic Elvis-number. Everything about this white, bejewelled jumpsuit was perfect in this scene. Stephanie Hsu rocks the pink hair in this look, and the callback to Elvis aligns perfectly with the fun approach to fashion this film took. 

The rock

And while this doesn’t really count as makeup or hairstyling, we couldn’t make a list without talking about the rocks… After all, the most important thing to do is “just be a rock”. 

Despite this rather blind-sighted snub, we’ve got our (hotdog) fingers crossed that Everything Everywhere All At Once will pick up some other big awards at the Oscars.

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