The brilliant singer-songwriter features in our January issue


Grace Gaustad is a singer-songwriter who is passionate about telling stories with their music and has done so since their self-released album BLKBX. We interviewed them in anticipation of their sophomore album PILLBX. Their talent has brought them a global fan base, and they have even gained approval from Lady Gaga for their single dedicated to her, GAGA.

Here’s a teaser from our interview with them…

Grace on…

Lady Gaga

“Lady Gaga for me represents the ultimate form of self expression and acceptance. She’s such a wonderful role model in the community.”

Their upbringing

“By high school I was in New York City and working four to five hours a day on music after school. It’s always been the one thing I adore.”

Being outed

“It was really terrible. I feel awful for anybody who doesn’t get control of their own narrative.”

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