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This episode picks up with Shane and Tess in their home. Tess is giving all the icy glares to Shane that she possibly can in the wake of finding out that Shane has, once again, done what Shane does best, been unfaithful. As someone who thought it might be different this time, I’m utterly disappointed. Shane attempts to talk to Tess who isn’t interested until a bee-related mishap finds them locked out on the balcony together, forced to confront their issues. 

Cut to Angie receiving a message from her secret professor boyfriend about going on a trip away. I am not loving this storyline for her but am intrigued to see where it will go … presumably there is trouble ahead. 

We next drop in on Finley and Sophie who are also confronting unsolved issues in their relationship: Sophie’s fling that took place whilst Fin was in rehab. Finley fires questions at her about the encounter and it slightly feels like an emotional trap that Sophie falls right into; her responses inevitably upset Finley. However, the two work through the tension and Sophie exclaims that she ended it with this person because she was in love with Fin. They kiss and I can finally breathe again, having made it through this minefield of a conversation there’s hope they might be closer than ever.

Micah and Maribel are also at home. He has finally told his mum that he and Maribel are together and they celebrate by looking for a sperm donor (as well as rearranging the Tupperware cupboard – the two seem to be embracing cottagecore domesticity and I am here for it.) We return later in the episode to find the pair frustrated with how disheartening this search has been when all they want is a baby that is a part of them both. It’s heartbreaking to watch. 

We return to Shane and Tess trapped together on the terrace. Shane is doing a pretty lacklustre job at convincing Tess that she is sorry for her actions. It is hard to tell whether Shane is truly in this or not, does she want to repair it or just cut her losses? 

The drama continues and Alice is in the cinema solo, waiting for Shane, when none other than her new gal walks in with someone else. Could this spell the end of her and Taylor before they’ve even begun? We return later in the episode and Taylor starts kissing her date, to the onlooking Alice’s dismay. In true Alice style, she confronts her loudly in front of an onlooking crowd. There has been a miscommunication about the status of their exclusivity, with Taylor assuming they are both dating other people. Alice, both gutted and enraged, storms out. 

Cue Dani listening to a voicemail from Roxy who has taken off to Costa Rica, she hopes Dani will find the “real deal soon”. And in true L Word fashion, a potential lover appears instantly, saving her from an e-scooter accident, the two collide into a car with their bodies pressed against one. The mystery human says “I feel like I should kiss you right now” and they do! It’s wild and their chemistry is fantastic.

Dani rushes to the bar to tell Sophie and Fin and we are treated to some more interaction from this trio. It is genuinely so lovely to see the three getting on and Sophie and Dani forging a loving, platonic relationship. I also adore the conversation that follows between Sophie and Dani calling out pop culture in the 2000s as problematic. The pair criticise shows casting actors in roles outside of their ethnicity, which we all know the OG L Word was guilty of, I loved this self-awareness from the writing room. 

Cue, in my opinion, the queerest moment of the series so far. The conversation moves on and they realise the mysterious human that Dani has just kissed is Dre, the person who Sophie slept with when Finley was in rehab. Two exes getting with the same person, textbook lesbian drama.

Sophie goes backstage to find Fin and tell her that Dre is here in the bar, but Finley kisses her passionately and they start having sex before Sophie can say anything. At this point I find myself wanting to scream at the TV. COME ON SOPHIE ! TALK TO HER FIRST…..Theeen you can have hot and steamy sex in the backroom! It takes Sophie experiencing flashbacks to sleeping with Dre for her to stop them, I personally didn’t enjoy this touch. She explains to Fin that Dre is here and Finley spins out, pulling the fire alarm to clear the bar, before taking off.

Back to the balcony where Tess and Shane must have been locked for a good few hours now and seem to be no happier than the start of the episode. It does however feel like Shane is finally opening up and she explains to Tess how hard she has been finding the relationship. Tess retorts that it isn’t a good enough reason to cheat and pleads with Shane: “I need you to change, I want you to change. Do you want to change?” 

Finley finally frees them and Shane storms out taking her stuff and the dog. I feel exhausted for them both and not sure what is best for either. Does Shane have a sex addiction and need therapy? Would that fix things? Or is it that the relationship is simply not serving her needs? I don’t know and suspect neither does she.

Honourable mentions 

  • Angie and her Roommate. We find out that Angie hasn’t been “all the way” yet (via a condom related disaster) and her roommate helps explore if she wants to. They also share a sweet moment buying vibrators. Why do I find myself feeling like there’s a bit of a spark between them? Or maybe I’m just wishing for one.
  • Where are Tina and Bette? Nowhere to be seen in this episode, my fingers are crossed for some TIBETTE action next week.
  • The closing shot of Alice, Shane’s dog and Shane spooning made my heart HURT with all the joy of their beautiful friendship.

The L Word: Generation Q is streaming on Paramount+ UK. 


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