Here’s our spoiler-filled look at the latest episode


Lovers of Halloween surely adored the latest episode of Gen Q, which served up plenty of tricks and treats. We got to meet some familiar and new faces. But before we jump in, consider this your official spoiler warning.

I’ve already fallen in love with Roxy

Episode three left many #Gini shippers devastated as Dani and Gigi broke up following Gigi feeling “confused” by her feelings for Nat following the car accident. While Sophie (and myself) expected Dani to be in a downward spiral, following the news, she’s surprised to find her looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. So what’s got her beaming? Well, her friend Roxy is coming to town!

And yes, I know, I know. I’ve previously dubbed myself the ultimate #Gini fan and have penned my thoughts on why they are the best ship in L Word history. This latest episode is evidence that Gen Q is great TV, as while I still consider myself a Gini shipper, I was kinda rooting for Dani and Roxy to kiss from the get-go. They clearly had a chemistry that went beyond the platonic. So when they started doing just that, I was delighted. But also moved by the fact that Dani stopped things going further by sharing that she’d had the realisation that she’s still in love with Gigi.

So will Gigi be able to win her back and give her the love Dani truly deserves? Well, she’s got some stiff competition. While Roxy shares that she’s gonna go to Costa Rica “cause Dani’s not ready to be her wife YET” she tells her to “call me when that heart hearts, I’ll come running.” However, I definitely don’t think we’ve seen the last of Roxy.

Visibility for trans parenthood

On the quest to begin their journey to becoming parents and find some answers to their questions, Micah and Maribel attend a Halloween party hosted by Maribel’s colleague, Reese and Reese’s partner, Max. For those who are newer to The L Word, Max is a character, played by Daniel Sea, from the original series. While Max’s character introduced viewers to trans masculinity, the storylines and treatment of his character have been criticised for adding to dangerous stigmas and stereotypes that surround trans people. It was moving to see Max get treated with dignity and respect this time around, and to see him experiencing trans joy.

Later, Max bumps into Shane at Dana’s and they share a brief catch-up. Which ends with Shane saying, “For what it’s worth, I just wanna apologise, for how we were back then.” To which, Max replies: “I’m great, man. I’m happy. And I hope you’re happy too.” I love that the reboot has given Max this well deserved storyline.

Tess left heartbroken

After being unfaithful to Tess with Ivy, Shane decides to call it off. But as always, Shane doesn’t have the best timing. After saying her piece to Ivy, she turns around to find Tess standing there, betrayal all over her face. “Fuck you, Shane,” Tess says before throwing a glass of water over her. Which is the second time Shane has gotten soaked this season, though under very different circumstances. Will Shane be able to make amends to Tess? I guess we’ll have to see what fate awaits these characters in the coming episodes. One thing is for sure, no ships are safe.

Honourable mentions:

  • I’m still not a fan of Angie’s forbidden love arc
  • Micah and Maribel’s avocado Halloween costumes
  • Dani and Roxy giving Sophie a spooky season makeover
  • Getting to see more sisterly bonding between Sophie and Maribel
  • Taylor and Alice’s cute turned very spooky Halloween date

The L Word: Generation Q is streaming on Paramount+ UK.


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