Love inspirational stories? This is a must-read

If you’re a lover of books, and looking for inspiration when it comes to all things self-help, business and personal development, then you’re going to want to add this one to your to-buy lists. Made It. Despite It All. Because Of It All is a book assembled by Valentine King, which was founded by Christina (Tina) Valentine and Lisa King in January 2020.

Made It is compiled of 16 inspirational stories about success, fulfilment and people thriving within the world of business – despite having the odds truly stacked against them.

DIVA’s very own Publisher, Linda Riley, has penned one of the stories, titled Anything But A DIVA. In her story, Linda shares her story of growing up without the societal privilege of money, education and background and how she went on to achieve everything she set her mind on, showing others nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.

Made It also features incredible stories from Valentine King, Francis Dolley, Tracey Hill, Helena Holrick, MJ Maher, Ruth Driscoll, John-Paul Byrne, Linda Easto, Kirsty Logan, Leanne Macdonald, Amanda Joy Harrison, Tracey Harrowven, Suzanne Hearnden-Smith and Reesha Armstead.

Having collaborated on several business projects together, Tina and Lisa have witnessed first-hand the positive impact they were having through creating change in the lives of others. This was their motivation to join forces in business, by forming Valentine King, and later as life partners too.

“‘You are a voice for the world’ is a comment we have both been told many times over the years,” the power couple have said. “We have each spoken up for those who cannot speak out for themselves – for whatever reason – since childhood.”

“We believe we are all here for growth and contribution, helping raise global consciousness. It is this belief that inspired us to publish co-authored books written by the everyday person on the street who has achieved success and fulfilment, despite having had the odds stacked against them, inspiring the readers they too can create a life they love.”

Made It. Despite It All. Because Of It All is available on Kindle now and will be released in paperback soon.

You can get a copy whether you’re in the UK, US/Europe or NZ/Australlia.

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