Are we all okay after last night’s episode? Just checking in…


Attention, Eastenders superfans! Hardcore #Sukeve stans are freaking out over the chemistry in last night’s episode between Heather Peace and Balvinder Sopal, who play Eve and Suki respectively.

Sensing that something was afoot after Suki was mugged, Eve had previously tried to understand what was going on. “There’s something you still want to say to me”, she remarked. “And I’m not going anywhere until you say it.” Eventually, Suki revealed that Ranveer tried to rape her before he was murdered by his son Ravi, who had attempted to persuade Suki that it was her guilt, not his.

Convincing Suki to open up about her experience, Eve and Suki shared a heart-warming moment in last night’s episode, tender hand holding and all. “I shouldn’t have pushed you, not like that”, Eve shared. “You’re right, you’re the survivor in all of this. You need to deal with things whichever way you think is best, whether you go to the police or not. I’m here for you, whatever you need.”

“Can we just sit here?”, Suki smiled. The chemistry was palpable, and fans are freaking out. Many have noted that their slow-burn relationship has been incredible to watch unfold, with Suki “slowly dropping her guard.” The trust is finally beginning to shine through.

Many were losing it over the gentle handhold the pair enjoyed, labelling it a “work of art.”

The pair also enjoyed a dinner date, looking suitably coupled up.

Eve Unwin’s character, played by Heather Peace, has been credited for its LGBTQIA representation. Bringing that essential WLW perspective, Heather has been out as a lesbian since 1994, celebrating her ninth wedding anniversary with her wife, Ellie Dickinson, in July 2022. So, what’s next for #Sukeve? Fingers crossed!

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