The queer icon’s latest album, Hold On Baby, is out now


Popstar, producer and queer icon King Princess has been making waves in the music industry. Born Mikaela Straus, the artist has recently released her second album, Hold On Baby. Mikaela is a genderqueer lesbian whose relationships frequently come up in her music. Following her break-up with actor and activist Amandla Stenberg, who she dated throughout 2018, King Princess appears to be very much in love again.

King Princess’ current partner is creative director Quinn Wilson. The couple met in February 2019 when the singer slid into Quinn’s DMs with the message “I love your work.” Quinn replied with “Hi, Miss King” after which the pair continued to chat via Instagram before meeting in person at a small restaurant in Los Angeles. The couple confirmed rumours by making their relationship Instagram official in September of the same year.

Quinn works as a creative director, famously known for her work with pop icon Lizzo. She also collaborated with her girlfriend for the first time in December 2020 after being in lockdown together since March. The collab manifested itself in the official music video for King Princess’ newest single at the time, PAIN. Quinn directed the video, writing on an Instagram post at the time that “Working with people you love is fabulous and terrifying all at once. It means a lot to me that you’re all digging it.”

In King Princess’ latest album, Hold On Baby, the song Winter Is Hopeful directly references Quinn. With the repeated line “Quinn, Quinn, Quinn, oh, Quinn, I love you, I feel it in seasons”, King Princess lays down all her feelings in a way that can only be described as utterly romantic.

Quinn and King Princess are still going strong. In a 2021 interview with GQ, Quinn stated that despite the ups and downs in their relationship “I love Mikaela so much it’s painful. She’s my best friend.” It’s clear that this iconic couple has both a strong creative and romantic connection – hopefully they’ll stay together far into the future.

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