DIVA and Trans In The City are researching the impact of misgendering, homophobia and transphobia in public bathrooms


In 2022 alone, hate crime against LGBTQI people has risen by over 300%. The existence of trans people is “debated” daily online in the media and by those in power alike. These constant attacks against the trans community – particularly trans women – also extend more widely, impacting cis-gendered women who identify as part of the lesbian community.

“Whilst I do not identify in the ‘T’ section of LGBT, I am what you might call gender diverse/nonconforming in that I am a woman with more traditionally “masculine” ways of presenting. I am often frightened to go in public toilets due to bad experiences with strangers – and get misgendered no matter what I do. Sometimes it makes you want to curl up and stay in the house.”


People shouldn’t jump to conclusions about someone’s gender identity and trust that individuals know the space right for them. Ultimately, those individuals want to wee or change in peace like everyone else. That’s why DIVA is collaborating with Trans In The City on the #LetMePeeInPeace campaign. We’re looking to collaborate experiences of LGBTQI people using public bathrooms, whether you’ve received hate or been misgendered.

“It’s really tiresome having to constantly out myself as female when I go to a public restroom”


Trans in the City and DIVA are looking to hear your experiences of receiving hate, being accused of being trans and being misgendered whilst using a bathroom. If you would be willing to be involved, please contact eleanor@diva-magazine.com with a short message, either written or recorded as an audio file or a short video. Your submission can be anonymised. Please also confirm that you’re happy for this to be used in a short film that will be broadcast across our channels.

DIVA magazine celebrates 28 years in print in 2022. If you like what we do, then get behind LGBTQI media and keep us going for another generation. Your support is invaluable. 


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