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On Saturday 9 July, London Trans+ Pride returned to the streets of the capital, marching from Wellington Arch in Hyde Park Corner to Soho Square. Over 20,000 people attended and expressed rage, joy and solidarity alike, chanting mantras “trans women are women”, “trans rights are human rights”, “sex work is work” and more. However: the mainstream media has failed to report this joyous event – equal parts a celebration and a protest – just one week after the huge Pride in London took place.

To date, The Independent and HuffPost have been some of the non-LGBTQI media outlets to cover Saturday’s event. Elsewhere, the silence from the likes of BBC and The Guardian has been deafening.

In an Instagram post shared on Sunday, London Trans+ Pride shared: “Words cannot describe the love, rage and solidarity we all felt yesterday. It was truly magical and inspiring. Over 20,000 people showed up and marched with us! We can’t quite believe it!” The organisation has already shared a GoFundMe for its 2023 event, which already promises to be even bigger. “The road to equality is a long and hard one but we will get there. Days like yesterday fill us with so much hope and just seeing the next generation of transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming and intersex people thrive is proof that something is changing, for the better, for our community. There cannot be liberation for all LGBTQIA+ people until there is liberation for trans and intersex people.”

The event was attended by the likes of Yasmin Finney, Charlie Craggs and Valentino Vecchietti, all of whom made speeches as the march ended in Soho Square. An afternoon inundated with political protest and communal love alike, this are the stories worth telling. LGBTQI people – trans and intersex people in particular – deserve to receive the same coverage after Pride Month is over. The history books will remember this moment.

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