And just like that, the second season of our favourite show has come to an end


Throughout the second season of Gentleman Jack, we have watched the two Ann(e)s navigate married life and overcome one obstacle after the other as they try to secure their futures together. As the finale makes it clear, it has never been, and never will be easy. The penultimate episode saw Ann’s brother-in-law Captain Sutherland meddle with Ann’s attempt to divide the estate and in last night’s finale, we saw the fall out of the building tensions. There’s a lot to cover, so consider this your official spoiler warning. 

Whilst things at the start of the finale seem rocky, what with Ann confronting Anne about Mariana, as well as voicing some internalised homophobia, we fans feared the season could end in heartbreak. In episode six, we got to see a vulnerable moment between the two women, when it became clear how much Anne fears losing Ann, due to not being able to provide her with a child. We get to see Anne address this again this episode, whilst also opening up to her wife about her life. Whilst Anne loves her aunt, we begin to learn more about her upbringing and relationship with her parents. Last night, Anne’s dear friend and former lover, Tib, writes to inform her that her mother, Mrs Northcliffe, has passed away. This news clearly takes a toll on Anne who views the Northcliffes as family. 

In Halifax, Anne’s sister, Marian shares her plans to leave Shibden and move back to Market Weighton, and take their father with her. She later reveals to her sister that her marriage to Mr Abbott has been called off. The repercussions of the “prank” wedding announcement in the papers about the two Ann(e)s are still being felt as Abbott did not want to associate with Marian, fearing what people say. 

Since viewers first met Ann Walker, those close to her have underestimated her, silenced and belittled her. We’ve really seen a more assertive Ann this season as she grows in confidence. When her wife asks her to prepare a speech to lay the foundation stone of the casino project, Ann is clearly nervous. But her words are well received by the crowd and her wife looked on with pride. 

Much of the second season has been made up of the struggles Ann has faced when it comes to dividing her father’s estate. Captain Sutherland continues to plot against his sister-in-law. He attempted to manipulate Mr Gray and Mr Parker, spreading word of his fears of Anne’s “unnatural” hold over Ann. But by the end of the episode, Ann’s sister Elizabeth finally speaks up: “It isn’t true, neither Mr Gray nor Mr Parker had anything against this division. It’s hers and she should have it if this is what she wants.”

We also got to see one of my favourite Anne Lister lines as this chapter came to a close when she told Sutherland that: “I feel you have built me up in your mind to be all manner of things that I am not, and some that I am. If you excuse me, I have my own estate to run.”

Sutherland reluctantly signs the deeds, meaning that Ann, at long last, has ownership over her future. The episode ends with Walker apologising to her wife as they share a carriage: “We should go to York on Monday and sort out our wills. I’m sorry for doubting it.” To which her wife replied: “Don’t be. We are the only people in the whole world, on earth, who want us to be together. It won’t be easy, it’ll never be easy, but we’re both still here, aren’t we?”

As soon as the credits filled the screen, Twitter was filled with Gentleman Jack fans using the hashtag #RenewGentlemanJack. This season has proven once again how important this story is to be told. We’re all eager to see more of Anne’s life portrayed through the screen. For now, we shall eagerly await a renewal announcement. 

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