We must protect trans lives in the rise of discriminatory legislation


Transphobia and anti-trans laws are rampantly on the rise. Idaho has become one of at least 11 states that have moved forward last week. Idaho House approved legislation that makes it a felony for a doctor to provide gender affirming healthcare for transgender children. The bill will go on to the state’s Republican-controlled senate and if approved it will either be signed into law or vetoed. 

A study published last month found that gender-affirming care reduces the risk of moderate to severe depression by 60% and suicide by 73%. Gender affirming healthcare is proven to save lives and with 2021 marking the deadliest year globally for trans people since records began, it is stark to see the perpetuated attack of our rights. Alarmingly, a recent CNN analysis shows that more than 150 anti-LGBTQI bills have been introduced so far in 2022.

Many LGBTQI people and our allies have been spoken out by taking to social media, attending walkouts and protests.

This rise in anti-trans laws is sinister. Transgender youth are extremely marginalised and the right-wing arguments mirror misogynistic, homophobic and racist debates that have been part of our history for a long time. 

A glimmer of hope came in this weekend when a Texas judge temporarily blocked the state from investigating parents who provide their transgender children with gender-affirming medical care. Thankfully not all bills will be advancing, but the rampant rise is horrifying and trans allyship is severely needed. The fight for opposition when it comes to anti-trans legislation requires tireless work from advocates.


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