“The Government is actively working against this goal and does not view trans people as having any positive role in society”


2021 was the deadliest year for global trans lives since records began. Many hoped that upon these statistics being shared action would be taken to ensure 2022 would be a better year for trans rights. So far, things are not looking good. On 25 January, it was reported that the Council Of Europe had named the UK (alongside Hungary, Poland, the Russian Federation and Turkey) as a country of concern over “extensive attacks” on LGBTQI rights.

The day after this news was shared, Kishwer Falkner, Chair of the Equality And Human Rights Commission wrote a statement to the Scottish government asking it to pause plans to simplify the legal requirements of gender recognition. There are also very serious concerns that the EHRC opposes an immediate ban on the extremely dangerous practise of conversion therapy for gender identity. Additionally, they have implied that they will mandate stricter controls to exclude trans women from women’s spaces.

The government has announced its global “Safe To Be Me” LGBT conference which will take place in June and is now seeking sponsorship and partners. The global organisation Trans In The City has shared an important message from its CEO and Directors regarding the conference. The statement highlights how insensitive the name of the conference is in light of how increasingly unsafe the world is for transgender and non-binary people.

The CEO and Directors share that: “We would support the UK government’s genuine, positive effort to celebrate positivity and progress for trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people in this country. However the Government is actively working against this goal and does not view trans people as having any positive role in society.”

In light of recent events Trans In The City shares that they will not be supporting the conference this summer and will be publicly advising others to consider the negative portrayal of LGBTQI inclusion and “the effect on their trans and non-binary employees, that being associated with such an event will bring.”


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