It’s Carol season! And not the singing kind


Since it came out in 2015 Carol has been a staple Christmas movie for queers everywhere. The heart-warming and heart-breaking tale, based on the book by Patricia Highsmith, tells a story of forbidden love between Carol and Therese. And it’s set at Christmas, so that makes it a Christmas movie right? And Carol? I mean how much more Christmassy can you get?

Apart from the enthralling queer love story, the aesthetics of this 1950s world are to die for. I’ll be leading you round the story, picking up on some of the most iconic pieces, and helping you find some dupes of your own. 

The “accidental” glove abandonment 

The moment that sets off the chain of events leading Carol and Therese together is, of course, the iconic glove scene. Leaving those gloves on the counter for Therese to pick up was one of the smoothest moves ever made in the history of lesbian pick-ups. 

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Walking in New York 

As Carol weaves her way around New York, this vision in red is a look that says, “don’t mess with me” and we respect that. 

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The Café 

As a thank you for returning the gloves ever so graciously, Carol invites Therese out for lunch in a darkly lit New York café. The two women eat creamed spinach and drink martinis, sneaking demure looks at each other over the rim of the glass. Therese opts for this casual yet classy monochrome layered ensemble for her first proper meeting with Carol. 


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In front of the fire 

At the café, Carol invites Therese to her country home outside of the city. Carol asks what she does on a Sunday (read: “come over to mine and play piano for me in front of the fire”). Therese plays piano in the lounge while Carol wraps presents. The tension rises as Carol casually strolls barefoot across the room and gently places her hands on Therese’s shoulders as she plays. She’s wearing a teal pencil skirt, an elegant yet comfortable choice for any queer woman looking to make her crush fall in love with her. 

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The Road trip 

Carol invites Therese with her on a road trip heading west. The two drive for hours, with Therese mostly snuggled up in the passenger seat next to Carol or practising her photography skills on her new favourite subject. The huge fur coat is a statement that screams Christmas winter aesthetic. Perfect choice for an insta Christmas photoshoot.

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