In a powerful moment of visibility Trans In The City closes the City’s markets for trading at the London Stock Exchange


The London Stock Exchange was founded in 1801, making it one of the oldest exchanges in the world. It is a historic moment that Bobbi Pickard, founder and CEO of Trans in the City and an openly out trans person, closed the City’s markets for trading on 15 November 2021. This was the first time in its history that a trans person has done so, what a powerful thing to happen on Transgender Awareness Week.

Bobbi has said, “This is a challenging time for transgender people in the UK. As an organisation, Trans in the City, will step up and speak even louder on behalf of the community. We will continue to advocate for trans inclusion and keep helping employers and businesses to do more to support the community”.

On the topic of visibility Bobbi said, “Trans people exist. We’re not going anywhere, we contribute a diverse range of perspectives, skills, and experience. We deserve to be recognised and we will keep pushing for these contributions to be celebrated.”

Sophie Ward, Julia Hoggett, Bobbi Pickard and Arlene McDermott

Trans In The City relaunched during Transgender Awareness Week and is an open collaboration between global organisations and companies to further include transgender, non-binary and gender diversity in business by raising awareness.

As close followers of DIVA will know by now, we firmly believe in #LWithTheT and we are overjoyed to see the London Stock Exchange run by a power lesbian such as Julia Hoggett who joined the exchange as CEO in April 2021. Also in attendance was Head of Business Management, Arlene McDermott, who won Inspirational Role Model as this years European Diversity Awards.

Whilst times are certainly challenging, it is deeply impactful to have seen various members of the community come together in this historic moment. In our upcoming 300th issue of DIVA, we will be celebrating some of the many change makers in our community. The events that have taken place this week are another shining example of the trailblazers doing the work within our community.

DIVA magazine celebrates 27 years in print in 2021. If you like what we do, then get behind LGBTQI media and keep us going for another generation. Your support is invaluable. 

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