I hope that one day soon I can look as fabulous as these cover stars whilst I say “I do”


My genderfluid heart leapt for joy when I saw Mx. Harry-Anne Bentley and Madeleine Winters on the cover of the sixth issue of Outrageous Bride magazine, decked out in all their non-binary finery. The wedding industry, like much of society, marginalises trans individuals and this is an inspiring moment of visibility. Editor Grace Davis says: “Our magazine is for all couples, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, age or size and we are so honoured to feature our gorgeous non-binary models on and in issue six of the magazine.” 

Cover model Madeleine Winters says: “As the UK becomes increasingly hostile to trans people, it’s more important than ever to celebrate our existence and to be proudly who we are and not back down in the face of renewed intimidation. People like us have always existed and will always exist.” Cover model Mx Harry-Anne Bentley says: “Literal visibility shows people who/what they can be/achieve. And weddings should be a very joyous and personal thing – so I’m thrilled to have been a part of combining these concepts! These are visions of potential futures. Let’s get inspired!”

Much as I love this cover, it got me thinking about the reality of getting hitched as a non-binary person. In 2019 my partner proposed to me in a fabulous grand gesture to the Shrek soundtrack (not an important detail, but hey, it’s my favourite part). When I said yes, we had no idea that I could not legally get married in this country without doing so under a binary gender. It didn’t cross my mind. It was 2019 after all. How could this be an issue? So now, when people ask if everything’s alright and when the wedding will be, instead of saying what I thought would be the biggest reason, “Weddings are expensive”, the opportunity arises to kick off and get political. “Sorry loves, I can’t legally get married. Better get signing some petitions if you wanna get an invite.” 

And can I just say, we’d have an awesome wedding. We both have impeccable taste in music, (remember that the Shrek soundtrack was part of our en-gay-gement?) so people would get turnt on the dance floor. I’d wear a stunning suit and write an emotional speech that would make everyone happy-cry. It would be such a beautiful celebration of love. But for now, it will remain a dream. I hope that with the rise in non-binary visibility, we will soon be included and I will get to say “I do”. So thank you so much to the team over at Outrageous Bride who helped me visualise what this future could look like. 

Cover shoot creative team:

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Issue 6 of Outrageous Bride is out now, find it in newsagents across the UK, order online at outrageousbride.com or instantly access a digital copy on Readly, Issuu & Zinio.


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