This year has been a challenging one for the community but it’s great to see these folx living their truth


Happy Transgender Awareness Week, DIVAs. It’s been one hell of a rocky year for the community and has been a reminder of the importance of visibility. Here are a list of some coming out moments from the year (so far) 🏳️‍⚧️

Hikaru Utada

The Japanese-American singer songwriter took to Instagram earlier this year to share their frustrations with gendered suffixes. 

Philosophy Tube

Actress, producer and YouTuber, Abigail Thorn, came out earlier this year and continues to make insightful and masterfully created videos on a range of social issues on her channel.

Tommy Dorfman

The actress, most notably known for her role in 13 Reasons Why, reintroduced herself to the world earlier this year and is set to direct an adaptation of one of my favourite books, I Wish You All The Best by non-binary author Mason Deavor (squeals). 

Demi Lovato

It was a moment of queer cheer when actor and singer Demi Lovato came out as non-binary and confirmed their use of they/them pronouns in a video on Instagram. 

Gigi Goode

Ru Paul’s Drag Race star Gigi Goode shares a raw and honest video about her experience with hormone replacement therapy and gender affirming surgery. 

Nikki Hiltz

In April US runner Nikki Hiltz came out as trans and non-binary. Our existence is still controversial in the world of sports so this visibility is incredibly important. 



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