Whether you’re crushing on someone or feeling reflective, there’s a song for every vibe.


The bisexual experience is different for everyone. Whether you’re crushing on someone, feeling reflective or struggling to come to terms with yourself, there’s a song for every mood. 

Softly – Clairo

Softly sees Clairo talking about her feelings for a woman, and not being able to let them slide. She explores the need for clarification before pursuing a crush. Definitely a tune for when you think you’re falling for someone.

Chanel – Frank Ocean

One of Frank Ocean’s songs which comfortably relays his relationships with men and is an exploration of the intricacies and multifaceted aspects of sexuality. He invites us to look a bit closer about the makeup of a same gendered relationship.

Take Me On The Floor – The Veronicas

The Australian pop duo do not shy away from bisexuality in this banger about being in the club and wanting to kiss everyone. A testament to a flirting on the dancefloor- perfect for when you’re in the mood to party.

Honey – Kehlani

One of Kehlani’s earlier releases, Honey is an upbeat song about her being a romantic. “All the pretty girls in the world but I’m in this space with you.” – just beautiful.

Bad At Love – Halsey

A song which revisits failed relationships with both men and women. A stark reminder that finding love can often be made no easier by liking more than one gender. A song for when you’re feeling pensive.

Cruel Sexuality – La Roux

This track sees La Roux try to navigate love with someone who only wants her for her body. Although the lyrics are not explicitly about bisexuality, they still resonate: “cruel sexuality, am I a fool to let you trouble me” is relatable to anyone who is still coming to terms with who they are.

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