Pale Waves are back, and as emotionally raw as ever 


Our second taste of the new Pale Waves album to come, the Manchester grunge-pop band have dropped a romantic and deeply personal new music video to accompany their latest single She’s My Religion. 

Directed by the award winning filmmaker and photographer, Jess Kohl, the music video was filmed in the UK, capturing the relationship between front woman Heather Baron-Gracie and her partner Kelsi Luck. Heather wanted the video to represent a same sex relationship between two women in it’s true form without hiding behind the cliches of over-sexualisation or playful experimentation. 

Image credit: Jordan Curtis-Hughes

As raw as it is honest, Heather says that it “represents a real relationship between two women. Recklessly in love, it shows the kind of power true love can have despite personal emotional turmoil. It gives an intimate glimpse into a few hours and the kind of chaos and passion that is at the heart of a relationship which both frees and saves simultaneously.”

She continues: “I wanted give my fans a song to find themselves in. I wish I had a song like this when I was a young girl trying to find herself in the world.” 

The song will be included on the band’s second album, Who Am I?, which is set for release 12 February. 

According to a press release, Who Am I? “acts as the Pale Waves manifesto – inspiring inclusivity, self-discovery, and the notion of being whoever the hell you want to be”. Its lyrics will draw on Heather Baron-Gracie’s own experiences of depression, distraction, and feelings of darkness. We can’t wait to hear more!

Check out the video for She’s My Religion below! 

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