Make sure you submit your application soon to be in with the chance of winning a paid internship and other incredible opportunities 


The TARGETjobs Undergraduate Of The Year Awards is an annual competition aimed at finding the best undergraduates in the UK. Each award is partnered by a prominent graduate recruiter who provides a fantastic prize for the winner, including a paid internship, trips abroad and other exclusive opportunities. 

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This year, myGwork – the LGBT+ business community – and international law firm Clifford Chance, are proud to be co-sponsoring the LGBT Undergraduate of the Year award with National Student Pride and ATTITUDE, as part of TargetJobs initiative to celebrate and recognise the amazing work that undergraduates across the country are doing. 

Whether you’ve supported a community group, led a campaign, overcome personal struggle, or worked to make the world a better place, the LGBT+ Undergraduate of the Year award exists to recognise your contributions and successes. If you identify as LGBT+, this is your opportunity to showcase the contributions that you have made in the LGBT+ space and to be a role model for other students who might be struggling with their identity or questioning what they can achieve personally and professionally.

You have until 1 February to register on Clifford Chance’s website and to submit your application outlining who you are and what you’ve achieved this last year. Then, your journey to become the LGBT+ Undergraduate of the Year begins! 

So why sponsor the LGBT+ Undergraduate of the Year Awards? myGwork is the LGBT+ business community for graduates, professionals, and anyone who believes in workplace equality. To them, this award is an important recognition of the contributions LGBT+ students make, and ensuring that they are recognised for the work they do. It’s Clifford Chance’s aim to be the LGBT+ employer of choice in the legal sector, where their culture supports people to be themselves, all day, every day – so this award means everything to them.

Read what previous winners had to say: 

“The award has been an amazing springboard for many new and exciting opportunities while also providing an incredible platform on which to amplify minority voices and inclusion projects.” – Tom Moran, LGBT+ Undergraduate of the Year 2018.

“Winning the LGBT+ Undergraduate of the Year Award has hands down been the highlight of my year thus far. Firstly, to have the work that I have done with FUSE be recognised on such a large, prestigious platform is not only a fantastic opportunity for more LGBT+ students of colour to be inspired to start similar initiatives, but also to shine a light on a vibrant, diverse community that is often considered as not much more than a minority within a minority.” – Zareen Roy-Macauley, LGBT+ Undergraduate of the Year 2019 & Attitude LGBT 101 Trailblazer

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