“This body of music comes from a happy, positive place”


Growing up in North Devon, ABISHA moved to London to realise her dreams. She was scouted in a pub in New Cross and began to produce the music she’d always wanted to. In the October issue, a Black History Month special, ABISHA chats to junior staff writer Eleanor Noyce about sad queer bangers, being scouted and her latest EP. Want a sneak preview of what she had to say?

On Everything Falls Into Place…

“This body of music comes from a happy, positive place.”

On sad, heartbreak bangers…

“I’d written a few heartbreak songs – everyone goes through that stage when you’re in a series of failed relationships and you get really down in the dumps about it.”

On LGBTQIA representation in pop music…

“I use pronouns because it is so, so important to be doing that, to make it inclusive for queer people and to create a space for them to be seen and heard.”

And coming out…

“My family didn’t respond to it too well straightaway. It took time.”

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