The Cabins has answered our prayers and won us over after one episode!


After last night’s lockdown announcement, we knew that the only thing that would save us was a new reality TV show to get stuck into. There really is no higher form of reality television, but as queer folk we don’t necessarily dive into them thinking we will be represented. 

Not this time! Last night saw the launch of ITV2’s new lockdown style dating show, The Cabins, and straight away it was evident this wasn’t going to be your average dating series. 

The brand-new format sees single individuals move into a cabin together for 24 hours, before being given the choice to pair up or check out. 

With the lack of social and distancing and streamy snippets shown on the show you might be wondering how it was able to go ahead. Rest assured, it was filmed in the UK earlier in 2020, and was able to go ahead after ITV put strict coronavirus safety protocols in place for filming.

In episode one we watched as adorable queer contestants Charlotte and Sarah cosy up in a cabin named “Otter’s Pocket” together. Spooning the night away and a cheeky hand hold in bed, it was enough to convince us that the sparks were flying after day one and we can’t wait to see where their romance is heading. 

Charlotte, 29, is the operations manager for a coffee company and she began dating women for the first time 18 months ago.

She revealed on the show: “I feel like I’m still learning my type. I definitely like the more alternative girls. Tattoos, piercings… and more tomboy than really girly.”

Enter the heavily tattooed stunner Sarah, who going off of that description seems like Charlotte’s perfect type. 

Speaking on the show Sarah said: “Being gay, but not like your typical lesbian, I do often get girls that are kind of like intrigued. I don’t want to be experimented on any more, people quite evidently just want to get you into bed. I’ve never had something real. I’ve never had something where I’ve thought, ‘I’m going to be able to marry you.’”

Even if wedding bells aren’t ringing for Charlotte and Sarah, we’re still super excited to see some lesbian representation on a mainstream dating show. We don’t want to miss a second – you’ll find us curled up on the sofa to see how this love story unfolds every single night.

The Cabins airs on ITV2 every weeknight at 9pm.

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  1. Great news on the Cabin tv show. Nothing like that in USA yet. We can only hope. Thanks

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