Gentleman Jack fan, Rachael Biggs, shares a personal essay drawing inspiration from Anne Lister in our new issue 


When times are tough, it’s only right that we look towards our queer icons for help. Rachael Biggs has drawn plenty of inspiration from the world’s most famous lesbian diarist, Anne Lister, to make it through 2020 and has shared what she found in our January issue. Check out a teaser below. 


“If you release your feelings, they can’t haunt you so relentlessly. Who do we know that did this better than anyone? Anne Lister, of course. It wasn’t through boredom that she wrote so religiously in her journals. As we know, she lived one of the most adventurous lives a woman could have lived almost 200 years ago. It was for the good of her mental health. She was definitely on to something. It is not healthy to have feelings swirling around inside. We must strive to release them. If not by writing, then by talking, drawing, painting, dancing, building or baking.”

Our January 2021 issue is on sale now at the links below. 

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