An initiative celebrating the most influential Black people in the British game has honoured key LGBTQI figures


Today, The Football Black List has honoured some of the most inspiring and successful people in British Football, and key LGBTQI figures such as Annette Nelson and Crystal Palace women’s goalkeeper Chloe Morgan have made the list. 

The Football Black List, founded in 2008 by sports journalists Leon Mann and Rodney Hinds, highlights positive influencers from the Black community in the sport.

Importantly, the list also helps to shine a light on deserving people working in the community and at the grassroots level of the game who often go uncelebrated.

This year saw the launch of a specific inaugural LGBT+ Award which went to Football v Homophobia Education Lead, Annette Nelson. 

Annette Nelson said: ”I’m delighted to receive this Football Black List award as part of the Football v Homophobia team. This award sends out a powerful message about the contribution of Black LGBTQI people in the game. The work of educators can be overlooked, so I’m especially delighted to receive this award as someone whose life has been committed to education for equality and inclusion.

I feel immensely proud that DIVA is sharing news of the award as the UK’s leading brand for LGBTQI women. It is an honour as a Black lesbian to be acknowledged by the community.”    

Annette Nelson

Manchester United and England star, Marcus Rashford, has also been named on the Football Black List.

He makes the list for his outstanding campaigning work to raise awareness of child food poverty in the UK, as well as successfully lobbying the government to provide children with school meals when they need them the most.  

Co-founder of the initiative, Leon Mann, said: “The global Black Lives Matter protests has made the game reflect on its own diversity and relationship with Black communities. 

“The Football Black List provides a snapshot of the wonderful contribution the Black community makes to the national sport. We hope it inspires the next generation of Black leaders to follow those listed and the initiative helps encourage the football industry to put diversity at the top of the agenda – where it needs to be to make much needed progress in this area.”

Click here for the full Football Black List 2020. 

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