National Coming Out Day is the perfect day to watch Eve – a sharp comedy with a twist


If you had to name a bad day to come out, the day of your wedding is probably up there at the top of the list. It’s definitely not ideal. But that’s what Eve, an exciting new short film, explores. 

Directed by Joe Solomon, this hilarious and heartwarming short film follows Eve on her wedding day – and all of the drama that comes along with it – if it just so happens to be the day that you realise you’re not in love with your newlywed husband, and not even straight at all. 

The synopsis reads: “A young woman who has just got married to her long term boyfriend and now has doubts. She acknowledges she has been repressing her sexual attraction for women for some time, but that these feelings are genuine. Especially relevant at this moment, after kissing the groom’s sister, Olivia, an out and confident lesbian, at the hen party the night before.”

It’s witty and funny, and the perfect way to spend 15 minutes this National Coming Out Day. It’s still doing the festival run and can’t be shared online just yet, but send an email over to to get your hands on this sharp tale about sexual awakening. 

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