Niecy Nash opens up about her marriage and coming out, after marrying Jessica Betts in August 


The internet blew up back in August when Niecy Nash, star of The Claws, surprised fans by announcing she had married Jessica Betts in an Instagram post. 

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Niecy has opened up about her sexuality, speaking candidly about her relationship the proposal that led to what looked like the most beautiful wedding you could ever dream of. 

Niecy told people that her relationship has “nothing to do with gender” and is about her wife’s soul. 

Niecy had never come out in the public eye before this and had previously been married to a man. 

“She is the most beautiful soul I have ever met in my life. I was no suppressing my sexuality my whole life. I love who I love. At one point in my life, I married twice and I love those people. And today I love this person,” she continued. 

“I’ve done everything I wanted to do on my own terms and my own way. So my choice now in a partner had nothing to do with who I’ve always been. It’s a matter of who I am in this moment.” 

“I don’t feel like my marriage is coming out of anywhere, but rather going into myself and being honest about who I love. And I’m not limiting myself on what that love is supposed to look like.” 

Niecy then went on to reveal the juicy details behind the moment she and Jessica both proposed to each other. 

“You know how you have those days where your significant other can just do things that drive you crazy? I feel like I was driving [Jessica] crazy all day,” she said.

“So it didn’t make sense to me that she turned around at the end of the night, and we were sitting in the jacuzzi, and I got up and I went upstairs and she came up and she was like, ‘You know what? You’ve been getting on my nerves all day. but if anybody is going to get on my nerves, I want it to be you’.

“Then she said, ‘You are absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me’ before she popped the question.”

Later that night, Niecy then decided to also propose to Jessica as she didn’t want them to be following the traditional rules that surround marriage. 

I think we can safely say Niecy and Jessica are the cutest couple of 2020. 

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