To celebrate Pride, the intersex movie that made history is available for free online 


Ponyboi is the world’s first narrative film to be created by and starring an out intersex artist in cinema history. 

The 20 minute film follows Ponyboi, an intersex sex worker, looking for love and a way out of his seedy life in New Jersey. Through a magical encounter with a cowboy from his dreams one Valentine’s Day, Ponyboi examines his childhood trauma and discovers his worth. 

Co-directed by GLAAD award winning filmmaker, actor and intersex activist River Gallo, the film was run at 40 film festivals, including Tribeca Film Festival and won Grand Jury Prize of Best Short Film. It even had the backing of Executive producers Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson who both recognised the significance of this film. 

It’s a queer film about self-redemption and love and it is not to be missed. It’s both groundbreaking and heartbreaking in its portrayal of love and self-acceptance and River gives a truly powerful performance, drawing upon his own experiences of growing up intersex. 

River Gallo said: “As an intersex activist, I made Ponyboi out of a desire to empower people. I wanted to empower. I wanted portray a beautiful intersex character, so that for the first time audiences would see themselves in our struggles and triumphs. I now believe more than ever stories from artists of colour and the LGBTQIA+ community are vital to our culture. As we build a new Renaissance of art to liberate and heal marginalised identities through media.”

The medical system and our ideas of gender need to radically change and Ponyboi has pointed the film industry in the right direction. Films like Ponyboi will not only provide narratives that relate to the untold intersex experience, but also showcase the incredible talents of the individuals who have not yet had their stories told. 

The film is available exclusively via Omeleto, make sure you watch it below: 

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  1. Did this video have a time limit because for me it is now saying unavailable. I am in the UK and would love to see it!

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