Celebrate Pride season in lockdown with this delicious rainbow cake recipe


Cake ingredients

360g butter

360g caster sugar

360g self-raising flour

Six large eggs

40ml milk

Four tsp vanilla extract

Food colouring in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet

Six sandwich tins (20cm diameter)

Icing ingredients

200g butter

220g full-fat cream cheese

700g icing sugar, sieved

Multicoloured sprinkles

Can you handle these hot buns?


Get your oven all hot and bothered by turning her on (ooh-er) to 180°C

Grease and line three sandwich tins with gusto

Mix 180g butter, 180g caster sugar, 180g flour, three eggs, 20ml milk and two tsp vanilla extract

Beat until creamy, light and lovely. Go on, put some welly in!

Separate the mixture into three beautiful bowls

Add 1/4 tsp red food colouring to one, orange to the next, and yellow to the third

Keep adding 1/4 tsp and mixing, until you get the perfect rainbow hue

Lovingly pour each bowl into the sandwich tin you cleverly prepared earlier

Smooth out the mixture to make it level. Spread ’em!

Bake all three until fetchingly firm (12-15 mins should be about right). Place on a rack to cool

Repeat the process with leftover ingredients to make three more sponges in green, blue and violet. You’re on a (bread) roll!

It’s time for the icing on the cake – literally

Mix butter and cream cheese in a bowl and stir until it’s smoother than a lesbian lothario

Gradually add icing sugar and keep on beating that batter


Battle stations, baker! The moment has arrived to get this rainbow cake assembled

Place the violet sponge on a plate and spread with icing. Put the blue sponge on top and don’t you dare stop spreading

Carry on until you have a colourful tower of cakes (violet is the bottom, red is definitely the top)

Sensually smother icing around the sides and chill until fabulously firm

Spread your leftover icing on the top and sides. We don’t want any cracks around here, thank you very much!

Apply sprinkles and chill until tantalising to the touch

Ta-dah! You did it, you dirty-minded dough-puncher, you

You should feel very proud. And pretty soon, you should also feel very full.

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