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Hey warrior goddess, times have been tough, and OK there’s just a little more delving to do. However, Mars, your ruler, goes into Aries this month giving you the power and grit to push towards victory. Your passion is rising as you hurl yourself headlong into lust or a creative project. Venus retro brings contact from an ex.


Hey strong one, your ruler Venus is retro. It’s OK to be sentimental about the past, but keep one hoof on the ground. Indulging in fond memories is one thing, drunk texting the ex another. A full moon and solar eclipse this month give you a fresh start. The direction you choose is up to you. Trust your instincts and go where your heart tells you.


It looks like a love quarantine is over Gemini. Even though Venus is retro until the 25th, your love mojo turns back on. Let’s face it, you have a way with words and have no doubt been flirting, chatting and coming up the creative genius throughout lockdown. Although you have set the stage for success, be aware that Mercury is retro this month. Before you press send, triple check those emails.


Glorious moonchild, full moons are a big deal for you. You get all the feels and contradictory emotions can wash over you. Between the 5th and 7th, a lunar eclipse is revealing the truth about your intimate relationships and partnerships. If you want to leave, you will. A love rebirth is happening, and you’re centrestage.


It’s a spooky kind of month for you, Leo kitten. Your ruler, the Sun, is having an eclipse. Just like in all good fairytales, a secret is revealed and a quest begun. It’s essential to trust your witchy senses and pay attention to any clues about the truth of what is going on. You’re heading for a brand new chapter, and who or what you take with you is crucial.


Sisterhood is powerful this month. A band of women get together to further all of your goals. Collaboration is June’s golden mantra. Ok, Mercury is retro, throwing a chilli in the yogurt pot of life BUT if you pay attention, others people’s confusion can lead to your success.


Venus, your illustrious ruler, has been playing games with your heart. Well, it sure might have felt that way. Venus has been retro, stirring up a storm with lovers old and new. When she goes direct from the 25th, your love life becomes a passion disco once more. Oh, and abundance could potentially sweep in as well.


Howdy sizzling one, it’s decision time this month (although best wait for Mercury to go direct before signing anything). You’re intent on getting your power back, to rise and show the cosmos what you are made of. You are the goddess of comebacks and rebirth, so create one now. Two eclipses allow you to flap back to the surface.


Wow! There’s a full moon luna eclipse in your sign on the 5th. It’s emotional! You’ve known what you need to let go of for some time, and the eclipse is lovingly shoving you off the fence. As mighty feelings stir, you make a break for true freedom.


Goaty, you’re determined to break any groundhog day repeats. Patterns might have become tedious, with even a tenacious Cappy like you longing for a breakthrough. Mercury is retro, so there’s still a bit of planning. But fear not, the solutions are forming. The 30th June brings your reward or answer.


By the time we get to the end of June, a conclusion to April’s energy helps you shift gears. Don’t forget that you are the most fabulous creative of them all. Tune into your future self and look for the roadmap to get what you desire. How can you accomplish your goal? Small steps now lead to big rewards.


Sensitive soul, your ruler Neptune goes retro this month. This empowers you to get things done. No more mooching and pondering – it’s time for action. Alright, you might find others confusing as Mercury is retro, and Venus isn’t going to clear up your romantic life until after the 25th, BUT you have a deeper awareness of what’s going on.

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