Didn’t get your hands on this special issue back in 2018? We’ve got some GREAT news for you 


In our September 2018 issue, YouTube megastars Rose and Rosie had a DMC with DIVA’s, Roxy Bourdillon. On the verge of releasing their book and documentary both entitled Overshare, Rose and Rosie did just that for this chat.

You just need to take one look at the pics to know this interview was a seriously juicy one.

Like the sound of it? Well you’re in luck! We still have special edition copies left for you to get your hands on. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside just to whet your Rose and Rosie appetite. 

Rose and Rosie on…

Body confidence

 “I’ve just hit a point where I’m suddenly feeling comfortable in my own skin. I think it’s age. I might not be society’s idea of perfect, but I’m fine with that – who is?” – Rosie 


“We are quite romantic with one another, even if it’s small gestures. We like to have a bath together in the evening, rub each other’s feet and watch films together.” – Rosie 

Mental health

We’ve talked about our struggles with mental health, which have been incredibly dark at some points. I do think people will be interested to know how I’ve dealt with my obsessive compulsive disorder, how Rosie dealt with her alopecia, our family lives, things people don’t know about our past.” – Rose 

PLUS the YouTube super duo open up about their early days as a couple. 

Read the full interview from our special edition in the September 2018 issue of DIVA, available in print here.

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