DIVA’s favourite LGBTQI scenes from the second season of the hit Netflix series


The much-loved Netflix series Sex Education has proven to be very LGBTQI-inclusive, offering some wonderfully genuine, diverse and multi-layered queer characters. So, now that we’ve all binged series two, shall we relive some of our favourite moments from the latest season?

🍆 SPOILER ALERT! If you’re not here for spoilers, proceed with caution…🍆

1️⃣ Eric’s wardrobe. Always.

After Eric works through some of the issues he struggles with after being bullied by Adam in season one, in season two, he 💯 gets to a place of loving his wonderful, colourful self – and boy, does he look fabulous while doing so.

2️⃣ Ola’s sweet, sweet dreams

In the new season, Ola discovers a lot about herself – including a new perspective on her developing sexuality. Part of this realisation occurs when she begins having dreams in which she (rather heroically, we must say) kisses fellow classmate and friend, Lily, which has her feeling a whole lot more like her spontaneous, adventurous, queer self.

3️⃣ Ola discovering her sexuality, generally

While on shift with Adam at the local shop, we see Ola taking a quiz to find out what her recent, more significant same-sex attraction might mean. Upon reading the results she says, quite naturally: “I’m a pansexual apparently.”

She explains to Adam (who later discovers his own sexuality): “Pansexual means you’re attracted to the person, not the sex or gender. It’s about the connection you have with a human being, not with their genitalia.”

4️⃣ Adam comes out…

Some people have suggested that Adam is a “problematic character”, perhaps because he could be said to play into the trope, “all homophobes are just closeted gay people.” However, the writers have done a good job side-stepping that trope in season two. 

At Otis’ party, we see Eric rejecting Adam telling him that he does not want to be with a person that harbours so many repressive feelings. As he so perfectly says: “I’ve had to work really hard to love myself and I don’t want to go back on hiding things.” At this point Adam tells Eric he thinks he’s bisexual, the first time he’s ever voiced it. Even though things are not immediately resolved, it’s a significant step towards Adam realising that he can’t be loved if he doesn’t love himself first.

5️⃣ Lily tells Ola she “smells like vanilla” 

When Ola first kisses Lily not everything goes as planned… Lily then begins to avoid Ola at school but eventually she confesses that she also wants to be more than friends. She tells Ola she only ever avoided her because their kiss challenged what Lily had thought about herself until then: “Boys that smell a bit sweaty were in my plan, not girls that smell like vanilla pods.”

6️⃣ Jean smashes it as an ally to asexual people

Jean being a legend once again, destroys many of the common, harmful taboos regarding asexuality:

7️⃣ Lily talks openly about sex to her new girlfriend

We love how honest and healthy their sex feels. While Ola and Lily are getting it on, suddenly Lily is in a lot of pain. She explains to Ola that it’s her vaginismus, an involuntary contraction of muscles that some women experience during sex. 

Ola is very supportive, asking her girlfriend to show her how she enjoys herself. Then the couple touch themselves in front of each other in a cute, fun and very enjoyable, non-hypersexualised lez/bi/queer scene. Perfect.

8️⃣ Adam asks Eric to hold his hand

This is a huge step for Adam… we’ll not tell you exactly what happens in case you’re yet to watch the final episode but, trust us, it’s bloody perfect.

Sex Education is available to stream on Netflix now

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