The fabulous Rachel Shelley, The L Word’s Helena Peabody, spoke to some of the wonderful people in our Community and asked them to self record snap shots of their time at home during Lockdown in March and April, 2020.

The L Word’s Kate Moennig

Kate Moennig has a special message for podDIVA listeners in the days of lockdown listening.

Roxy Bourdillon

Roxy Bourdillon, deputy editor of DIVA mag, self-records this snapshot of home

Hannah Bardell

Hannah Bardell, Livingston’s SNP MP, self-records this snap-shot of life at home.

Victoria Broom

Actress Victoria Broom self-records this snap-shot of life at home.

Sarah Jane Moon

Artist Sarah Jane Moon self-records this snap-shot of life at home

Rosie Wilby

Former Radio DIVA host self-records this snapshot of life at home.

Dani Mustarde

Senior DIVA staff writer Danielle Mustarde self-records a snapshot of home life.

Charlie Vogelsang

DIVA intern and writer Charlie Vogelsang self-records this snapshot from home during her time working for DIVA.

Jake & Hannah Graf

Jake and Hannah Graf welcome their new born baby into Lockdown London. Self-recorded at home for podDIVA.

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  1. Hi DIVA team 🙂
    Enjoying these podcasts (old and new) but I was wondering if an RSS or XML feed could be made available so that I can get them with my usual podcatcher. Hope I haven’t overlooked them if they are hidden somewhere.
    Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

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