Stuck inside? Invite the international lez/bi community into your queerantine, virtually


It began as a humble video sharing site, but quickly grew into a site many of us visit every day. Crucially for the LGBTQI+ community, YouTube has so much amazing queer content (despite controversy over how LGBTQI+ content creators may be being discriminated against). From Julia Zelg to Rose & Rosie, there’s something for everyone.

There’s so much online in fact, that it can be difficult to choose what to watch. So! Here’s a list of five queer YouTubers you should subscribe to right now. After all – when you can’t go outside to see your IRL friends, why not bring your digital friends into your living room instead.

Petite Eva

Known as Petite Eva, this YouTuber is French but living and loving in Liverpool with her partner Gill (and their cute af dog). Petite Eva’s videos cover everything from stereotypes to tips regarding sexual health – nothing is off limits for Eva. Though many of her videos are in French, subtitles are available in English. Plus, she’ll serenade you with her French accent whilst making you laugh with her commentary on human behaviour. As soon as you hear her opening, “Hey la Petite!”, you’ll instantly be hooked.

Lauryn Kay

A YouTube star in the making, Lauryn Kay literally started posting this month and already knows how to work an audience. As a trans woman, she openly discusses her journey and has advice for anyone walking a similar path. Her content varies from bizarre “story times” to her daily make-up routines. All in all, Lauryn Kay is a stunning YouTuber that knows how to turn out a look. Despite creating her channel recently, she has the charisma and talent to make it as a huge YouTuber, so check her out now!

Bubah & Bubakie KeYaRabo

Based in South Africa, this adorable couple use their channel to promote love and positivity – something we could all use more of right now, right? The channel, named KeYaRabo, features femme Bubahtjie and butch Bubah. With varying content from the hilarious practical jokes they play on each other to swapping styles for the day, their chemistry is wonderfully cute, and it’s sweet to see how in love they are. Having only established their channel a year ago, they’ve already mastered their format. Check ’em out.

Olivia Travel

Now this one might seem odd but stick with us. Originally launching the channel for promoting Olivia, a travel company for lesbians, their content has now grown into something more personal and features vlogs of idyllic vacations and, more recently, helpful videos which explore how to deal with stress/be more mindful. They’ve also developed a community and have started showcasing talented queer people on their channel. In short, it’s a positive and feel good channel, that’ll help you relax and make you feel part of a wider, international community – even if you are stuck indoors.

Princess & Finn TV

Power couple, Princess and Finn, have come to dominate your screen. Combining the suave Finn with the gorgeous Princess, you’ll have a hard time skipping through their content… Like most YouTube couples, they feature vlogs and funny videos, but what makes them stand out is the dynamic between the two and how downright silly they can be together. Each video feels like a conversation with a friend and is well worth a watch.

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