From rainbow parenting to visibility in the workplace, check out the results of The DIVA Survey: LGBTQI Women’s Insight 2020

​As part of the first ever Lesbian Visibility Week, DIVA Media Group teamed up with Kantar to bring you The DIVA Survey: LGBTQI Women’s Insight 2020. The results of this brand new piece of research capture the diversity of our community, highlight the unique challenges we face as women-loving women and reveal our vision for the future.​

There were so many fascinating revelations about the experiences of LGBTQI+ women and non-binary people, from what it’s like for rainbow families in the 21st century to how many of us are still in the closet at work.

The results also confirmed why initiatives like Lesbian Visibility Week are so incredibly important. A whopping 79% of respondents believe that LGBTQI+ men have more visibility in public life than their female counterparts.

44% would like to see more LGBTQI+ events aimed specifically at women. If you agree with them, make sure you check out all the exciting online events we have planned for the first ever Lesbian Visibility Week.

Other key findings include that over half of LGBTQI+ women are not fully out at work and a third have experienced verbal or physical abuse due to their sexuality.

The survey also shed light on the experiences of LGBTQI+ families. According to our results, 37% of LGBTQI+ women with children have experienced homophobia from other parents and one in three children of LGBTQI+ parents have experienced homophobia directly.

On a positive note, the results confirmed that LGBTQI+ women feel comfortable to come out much younger nowadays than in the past, and there was an overwhelming show of support for #LWithTheT.

You can find out more about the results here and read our in-depth analysis in the May issue of DIVA, available to buy now via the links below.

And make sure you tune in for The DIVA Survey Highlights online panel on Wednesday 22 April at 11.30. More details on that here.

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