Women Of The World Festival is here for all your queer needs


Southbank Centre’s Women Of The World Festival (WOW Festival) returns this March with a diverse line-up of world-class speakers, activists and performers tackling the important issues for women and girls in 2020.

This year’s WOW Festival marks its 10th anniversary and takes place 6 – 8 March. Underpinning the 2020 programme are explorations of a rapidly accelerating queer landscape.

Over 70 panels, talks and workshops are set to take place over the weekend, covering a range of topics from Activism to Voguing! Here’s some of the queer events we think you should check out. 🌈

1. Queer Intentions

In a climate of (supposedly) improved LGBTQI visibility, this event led by Amelia Abraham explores the true cost of mainstream integration and the perils of pink washing. Yet as queer intersectionality continues to grow in popular culture and mass consciousness, changing attitudes are yet to be reflected in workplace structures. 

2. Corporates Get Naked

This panel talk takes an honest look at why gender, race, class, queer culture, disability and their intersections are not translating into the business world, and the impact that it has.

3. Intersex 101

This interactive session, led by DIVA columnist Valentino Vecchietti, tackles equality, inclusion and allyship.

4. Where Has Trans Activism Got To?

A panel discussion considering the recent histories and next steps in a field that has seen radical change.

5. Desi: Out And Proud

Stale Bollywood clichés are smashed in Desi: Out And Proud, a panel on stigma, sharam and sex, led by activist and author Samra Habib.

6. Feminist Voguing

The queer programme finishes with a flourish in the Feminist Voguing masterclass, which simultaneously empowers, educates, and gets you yelling “yas kween”.

For more info about WOW, check out their website here.

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