Our November cover stars talk coming out and coming into their own


We can’t stop listening to Tegan and Sara’s latest album, Hey, I’m Just Like You, and their must-read memoir, High School, had us hooked from page one. So when we got a chance to speak to the pop icons themselves, we jumped at it, and they didn’t disappoint. Here’s a taster of what they revealed.

Tegan on their complicated coming out

“It’s so hard. It never stops being hard. Our coming out wasn’t smooth. We didn’t like ourselves and we struggled with that. I want to be a role model, but I also want to be realistic.”

Sara on how much things have improved for queer artists

“I don’t really know if it’s changed. We just got more popular and now we have more power, so people are afraid of us. These horrible, sexist, homophobic garbage people still exist.”

Tegan on being a queer twin

“It was really challenging. We found our way through it, but being twins didn’t make it easier being queer.”

PLUS Sara shares how revisiting her younger self healed her

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  1. But y wud being twins make anything easier tho ? Did someone say being twins made it easier ?

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