Kylie Minogue pens the Finnish pop princess’s new Queermas classic, Every Christmas Day


We all know Saara Aalto is the queen of snow, ice and all things glittering. I mean, how much more festive can you get than voicing Princess Anna in the Finnish version of Frozen? (A song she can sing in 16 different languages, no less…)

Well, it turns out she’s got even more Christmasness up her sleeve. Her brand new wintry collection of songs includes a fabulously festive single called Every Christmas Day, written by the one and only Kylie Minogue. 

Two queer icons on one Christmas song? Christmas really has come early. The forthcoming single is taken from her international EP Fairytale which is due for release on 29 November 2019. 

“To have a song written by one of my idols is just breathtaking,” says Saara.

“Kylie and I first met at the X Factor finals where we performed together and she was so incredibly lovely. A real superstar.” 

Saara’s current single, wintry ballad Starry Skies, is a beautifully intimate song that showcases Saara’s versatility with a focus on her voice and her story of first love in a stripped back style. 

If that’s not enough Saara-shaped news for you, she’s also just added a London date to her Fairytale Tour at Under The Bridge. The show is set to be a Christmas extravaganza where she will perform new material, Christmas classics – and international hit, Monsters. 

Grab a ticket here and listen to Starry Skies while you wait for the new Christmas EP 🎁

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